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What Is Vocology?

Vocology is a branch of scientific research, which is related to the voice and vocal health. Simply put, “vocology is the study of vocalization.”


What Is A Vocologist?

A vocologist is someone with special “training in vocal arts and sciences… and a considerable amount of education in normal voice production and instrumentation for voice.” For example, I have studied with several renowned voice experts at Dr. Ingo R. Titze’s Summer Vocology Institute. Click here to find out why vocologists are the world’s best providers of vocal care (coming).


How do I find a Vocologist?

In Toronto and online, I’m available for voice lessons, as well as clinics and consultations. However, if you believe you are having a vocal emergency, check out my Guide to Finding Expert Voice Care. (coming) To help you care for your own voice now, you can visit my blog.


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"I’ve been doing a series of voice lessons with Joanna... and she has helped me with finding different aspects of my voice to use, as well as helping me expand my range and being more comfortable and confident using my higher registers and head-voice.  It’s been super helpful and exciting to expand my emotional voice palette! Joanna is a great, super supportive teacher, and the [online] format has worked really great for us. Highly recommended!"
"A year after a voice injury (sustained through thyroid surgery), I was disheartened by changes in my voice and unsure how to improve. Doctors considered the changes permanent. But Joanna's expertise pinpointed the functional aspects of my voice that had been impacted, and she had not only solutions to recover the capacity of my voice, but gave me manageable and clear steps to follow to get there. Her guidance included exercises to restore my voice, the reassurance of restoration she gained through lived experience, and referrals to other voice team specialists to round out my recovery. I'm exceptionally grateful for her insight and skill."
"I just had a lesson with Joanna and it was wonderful! Don't let the idea of it being [online] throw you off, she has a fantastic ear. But importantly, she made me feel welcomed, not judged, and that it really was possible to sing after not singing for a decade. Our session was fun, informative, and so encouraging. I ended up singing to myself all day afterwards - part of that was due to the 90's earworm we grooved to at the end, I'm sure! Thank you Joanna!"
"Joanna is a wonderful vocal teacher who works together with you to discover your singing voice. A very accomplished artist, she also has the requisite education and experience to expertly guide you through vocal technique and musicianship. But, what really makes Joanna stand out is her ability to adapt the lessons to each student based on their needs and interests. Ultimately, she understands that singing is a brave pursuit and thanks to her, I now have the confidence to sing my heart out."
"Joanna brings a wonderful mix of knowledge, experience and warmth that I think makes her a fantastic choice as a vocal teacher. Through a supportive environment she will help you reach those important vocal insights as a singer and yet still provide the appropriate encouragement to keep reaching for your absolute best. I highly recommend her to any who wish to improve their voice as a singer and to just have a great time doing so!"