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What is a Vocologist?

A Vocologist is a professional who specialises in the voice. This can include Voice Teachers, Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in the voice, Laryngologists, Voice Scientists & Researchers, and Singing Voice Specialists.

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What is the difference between a Voice Teacher and a Vocal Coach?

Generally, a Vocal Coach will be someone who is very musical and can help a student to work on their performance or audition material. However, a Voice Teacher is more likely to be someone with the technical skills and knowledge to help a student with the development of their voice. This includes: strengthening, balancing and coordinating the voice across its entire range, coaching on how to use breath efficiently for singing, refining registration, vowels and much more. There is no regulation in the field of vocal instruction, so please be an informed consumer as you entrust your vocal development with a new teacher.

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I am having an emergency with my voice – can you help me?

Absolutely. If you need a medical voice specialist, I am happy to check my networks and find someone qualified and as close to you as possible. I am also happy to answer any questions that I am able to as you wait. Please do not wait to get the best help possible. Finding the right help in a timely manner can turn a full-blown vocal crisis into a mere bump in the road. How I wish there had been someone to help me with my own bump in the road all those years ago! But then, of course, I never would have ended up here…

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"Joanna is a wonderful vocal teacher who works together with you to discover your singing voice. A very accomplished artist, she also has the requisite education and experience to expertly guide you through vocal technique and musicianship. But, what really makes Joanna stand out is her ability to adapt the lessons to each student based on their needs and interests. Ultimately, she understands that singing is a brave pursuit and thanks to her, I now have the confidence to sing my heart out. "