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Joanna Chapman-Smith

Joanna Chapman-Smith has been singing and performing since the age of six and has toured across Canada, Europe and the US many times as a singer-songwriter. With only basic vocal training of her own, in 2006, Joanna began to experience the vocal challenges that go along with being a full-time performer, and realized she needed to study her instrument more carefully. Finding a path to competent vocal help was not easy. It was over a year before Joanna found Shelagh Davies, a Vancouver-based Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in voice. Shelagh’s approaches were based in sound principles of the voice, and ignited Joanna’s passion for serious and dedicated vocal study. Joanna soon began study with renowned voice scientist, Dr. Ingo R. Titze, and was certified as a vocologist at his Summer Vocology Institute through the University of Iowa. Since then, she has attended numerous vocal conferences, gained a Bachelor of Education and studied specialized bodywork for singers with Suzan Postel. In 2015, Joanna found Jeannette LoVetri’s Somatic VoiceWork™, and was certified in all three levels at Shenandoah University’s summer program for Contemporary Commercial Music. Joanna continues to study with master teachers Cate Frazier-Nealy and Jeannette LoVetri, with Broadway vocal coach Sheri Sanders and many different leaders in the field of voice. Joanna is an active member of Vocology in Practice and the PanAmerican Vocology Association. A lifelong learner and a sensitive musician, Joanna’s approach to teaching is thoughtful, creative and compassionate, with a strong emphasis on vocal health and function.


Joanna is a wonderful vocal teacher who works together with you to discover your singing voice. A very accomplished artist, she also has the requisite education and experience to expertly guide you through vocal technique and musicianship. But, what really makes Joanna stand out is her ability to adapt the lessons to each student based on their needs and interests. Ultimately, she understands that singing is a brave pursuit and thanks to her, I now have the confidence to sing my heart out.