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I began a practice during the Covid-19 pandemic, which I am so thankful to have discovered: I meditate through song for at least 15 minutes a day. Surprising insights come through during these sessions, and I would like to share two:

“To connect is to serve,” and, “the quality of the connection is everything.”

I started this blog so that I could connect with those who need me. If I am the teacher you need, and you read my writing, you can find me. However, I must admit that my last blog, “Help Me Help You,” does not accomplish that task. That blog is an energetic closed door. I wrote it out of frustration at the lack of connection I was feeling with my students at that time.

Before Covid

The last new student to find me before that blog was an amazing singer, a truly beautiful soul and I am still a fan of her music. However, she tried to reschedule every single lesson we had. She didn’t even realize she was doing that, and when I brought her awareness to it, she apologized and committed to keeping her lesson times. Nevertheless, she tried to reschedule the very next lesson, so I just said, “Nevermind,” and discontinued our work together. Then, I wrote about students needing to commit to lessons and the learning process with a teacher.

I argued that students need to show up to lessons to see positive results – which is true – but at the same time, if what we do in our lessons is energetically on point, you will want to shown up. You will feel compelled to join me and to feel that connection.

In the case of this singer, I helped her with her vocal technique, so I thought I was doing a good job. Since then, I have realized that I failed her because I wasn’t giving her what she needed energetically. I wasn’t giving her that deeper connection. Here’s the kicker: I wasn’t giving her what she needed because at the time, I wasn’t giving myself what I needed. That is where I was at.

What I Have Learned

Well, thanks to a new baby and Covid, I pulled back and slowed down this year. Through meditation, reading, some counseling and the practice of Zhan Zhuang, I found my grounded core. Now I take time and space every day to meditate and sing. Now I believe that connecting is paramount before any technical learning. As a teacher, I have shifted my focus, and I am grateful for what I have learned. I have one last idea from my meditations to share here:

“If you find your way to me, I will find a way to serve you.”



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4 Comments on “Blog 7: I Will Find A Way To Serve You

  1. Cate Frazier-Neely

    Brava–this is the stuff of becoming a real teacher, and it takes time. Because “we teach who we are than what we know.” xo

    (Quote by Parker Palmer in his book “The Courage to Teach”)

  2. joannacs

    Wow! Amazing quotation, Cate! As a new a new parent, that is an idea I have spent some time with lately. Being at my best for my daughter and my students is a strong motivator.

  3. Ann Divitt

    Absolutely a connection has to be made with the student(s) before any learning can take place. Once made, you can teach them anything. (learned during 40 years of teaching)

  4. joannacs

    It’s funny how you have to learn and relearn the important things as you develop and grow. I am sure I will come to understand this even more over the years. Thank you, Ann.