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Blog #9: Love Thyself, Love Thy Voice | Sep 21, 2020

Your voice is an expression of who you are. What you express comes through your voice day by day, year by year, for your entire life. Your voice expresses who you are, so in a way, your voice is who you are. The kinds of thoughts and feelings you like to express, they all come […]

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Blog 8: How To Practice: The Power of Play | Sep 01, 2020

I remember when I was first told to practice in between my singing lessons. I was surprised, but the question remained: how should I practice? It can be tricky for people who start voice lessons to know how to practice, so here is my little guide: 1. USE A RECORDING Singing is a MOTOR SKILL, […]

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Blog 7: I Will Find A Way To Serve You | Sep 01, 2020

I began a practice during the Covid-19 pandemic, which I am so thankful to have discovered: I meditate through song for at least 15 minutes a day. Surprising insights come through during these sessions, and I would like to share two: “To connect is to serve,” and, “the quality of the connection is everything.” I […]

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Blog 6: Help Me, Help You | Dec 30, 2018

It’s never what we do; it’s how we do it. If I show up to a lesson late, and I haven’t practiced between lessons, my teacher cannot help me to do my best, because I’m not letting her. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin, and one cannot succeed without the other. […]

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Blog 5: My Saxophone Is Allergic To My Cat | Oct 29, 2018

Tubas never worry about getting a good night’s sleep; violins never fret about hitting the high notes at the age of 75; and saxophones will never complain about an allergy to their cat. On the other hand, as singers, our bodies are our instruments. Everything we do, feel, and think – even the things we don’t do, say […]

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Blog 4: How To Tell If A Voice Is Good | Sep 29, 2018

A good voice moves the singer and the audience with emotion. That’s all. However, I would add: a great voice also stands the test of time. I don’t care if I love the way a voice sounds; if the singer suffers because of how they are singing, I would rather they retrain, so they can […]

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