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Blog #3: You Don’t Run a Marathon on a Broken Leg | Jul 27, 2018

Even if you do everything right, you may still suffer a vocal problem at some point. Below, I offer information and advice for what you should and shouldn’t do if you run into trouble.   Some Warning Signs for Vocal Trouble: hoarseness or breathiness complete voice loss feeling like it takes more effort to speak […]

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Blog #2: Top 3 Tips for Vocal Maintenance | Jul 26, 2018

If you’re happy with how you sound, and you find it easy to sing, then you’re doing well. If people also pay to hear you sing,  you’re a pro! Nevertheless, proper vocal maintenance means developing vocal hygiene, simple habits which can help prevent vocal troubles down the road.     TOP 3 TIPS for maintaining […]

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Blog #1: How To Achieve Vocal Freedom | Jan 04, 2018

Vocal freedom allows a singer to feel the thrill of their voice in motion. A free and easy voice is also likely to be a healthy voice, which will stand the test of time. At its best, singing takes us to agony and ecstasy, but only when there is freedom.   How To Achieve Vocal […]

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