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Here are several singing tips and quick reads on my blog, in order to help you understand and care for your voice more effectively. Check them out!


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Online Resources


NCVS: Check Your Meds

The National Centre for Voice & Speech provides this resource, where you can look up your medications, and discover any negative side-effects to your voice.


Vocal Cords Singing

If you haven’t seen vocal cords from a birds-eye view before, this is a nice introduction. There are no scientific descriptions, just four singers making some beautiful music. Watch their little muscles sing!


Head, Jaw & Tongue Stretches

Ruth Williams Hennesey is a master voice teacher in the USA who has created a wonderful video filled with stretches to follow along with. I am a big fan of her work, and this video is a great resource for singers. Check out the length of your face in a mirror when you are done!


The Voice Clinic

There are amazing medical vocologists here in Toronto. However, getting in to see someone covered by OHIP can take months. The Voice Clinic is an amazing place to turn for singers who need help NOW.


MRI of Beatboxing, Speech, and Classical Singing

For a side view of the voice in action, check out this fascinating MRI footage. The vocalists tongues’ perform highly-automated movements, and the adjustments of each vocal tract shows great motor skill. Please note that MRI’s are taken lying down, so all the movements you see are affected by a different relationship to gravity than when we sit or stand.


Vocology in Practice 

I belong to Vocology in Practice and the PanAmerican Vocology Institute, and am very proud of the work we do. If you want to understanding all the hype about vocology, this is the site to visit.

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Book List


Every Day Voice Care The Lifestyle Guide For Singers And Talkers, by Joanna Cazden, MFA, MS-CCC and SLP

Joanna Cazden is the perfect author for this guide; she lived the life of a touring singer and speaker, and faced the challenges associated with heavy voice use first-hand. She knows what professional voice-users need to know. Order this book to fill in your knowledge gaps and learn what it takes to take care of your voice.


The Vocal Pitstop: Keeping Your Voice On Track, by Adam D. Rubin, M.D.

Already experiencing vocal trouble? While you are waiting for your appointment with a qualified Vocologist, or are looking for one, get some answers from a reputable Laryngologist. This book is only 76 pages, and is jam-packed with technical and practical information for the voice-user in crisis. If your voice is doing just fine, this book (along with Every Day Voice Care) will be a valuable resource to go through and save for a rainy day.


The Psoas Book, by Liz Koch

A quick read, this book provides some actionable exercises to help release the psoas muscle, which has some major downstream effects on the voice.


Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure, by Jamie Kaufman, M.D. & Jordan Stern, M.D. with French Master Chef, Marc Bauer

Struggling from acid reflux? This disease is one of the most common obstacles to Vocal Health, and this book provides a useful overview of reflux from a medical perspective, as well as easy steps and recipes to improve your diet immediately (I ignored the recipes, and used the PH-friendly foods listed as my shopping guide). This book continues to be a recommended resource in the field of Vocal Health.


The Performer’s Voice: Realizing Your Vocal Potential, by Meribeth Dayme, PHD

So you have been bit with the voice bug, eh? Here is another take on the basics of voice, with a nice overview of the anatomical structures, and from a perspective that values the connections between thoughts, emotions and the voice.


Body and Voice: Somatic Re-education, by Marina Gilman, M.M, M.A, SLP and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®

This book begins to incorporate the body and alignment aspects of singing in more depth and on a motor level. This particular approach to voice work speaks to me, and I highly recommend somatic re-education to anyone serious about their singing